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Rent a Bike Deia

We organize all types of cycling tours.

About tours

You can choose a simple guided ride or multi-day tours which include other activities like a visit to local vineyards, hiking trips, sailing, meals at nice restaurants and much more! Whatever cycling level you are at or however big your group of riders we will organize a tour which will suit you!

Car support

A days before...


For us is already tradition be guiding group of nice ladies from Sweden! We have really nice five days of biking and hiking around Mallorca - some...


Our 1st. group of  the season 2018! Great group of riders from the UK with who we did a lot of riding  but also smiling! Just how should be!

3 days...

Our Bike to Rent

Sport road bike, comfortable with normal brakes di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compass cranks, dtswiis wheels.


Spoert road bike with di2 electronic shifting ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, Sport geometry.


Comfort Sport women bike with di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, sport geometry.


Exclusive designes for man and woman with a race geometry, di2 ultegra, dtswiss wheels or carbon idea wheels, very fast, 11 speed, bike under 7 kg.