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Our grandparents opened a pastry shop in Palma 70 years ago.

After some years we moved to Deia, where we produce pastry and artisan bread to this day. The pastry tradition moved in our family from our grandfather to our uncle Toni and from him to Vicente who now continues with this tradition. 

Products are typical of Mallorca

Most of the products are typical of Mallorca for example assorted ensaimadas, rubiols, “cocas” with vegetable, and the typical marzipan “panallets" with almonds or pine nuts. On the other hand we also produce bread and traditional pastries such as very famous chocolate croissants, cakes of many varieties (carrot, orange, cheese, apricot) and many types of different breads such as rye bread, cornbread, onion bread, seed bread, and our typical mallorquin bread. In recent years we have also started to produce wholemeal bread.

Visit us

Archiduque Luis Salvador n.5 
Deia, 07179, Mallorca, España 
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T: +34 615 453 291 
E: equipdeia@hotmail.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/forndeia1/

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