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Made in Czech Republic - The SUPERIOR bikes are developed and assembled in manufacturing centre in Kopřivnice, Moravia. Factory is located in an industrial area with a unique atmosphere associated with the history of the world-famous Czech automaker Tatra, whose cars are still manufactured here.

During the past 10 years, the production and assembly facility for SUPERIOR bikes was completely renovated and now produces about 160,000 bikes per year. This production capacity is ensured by more than 290 employees responsible for six assembly lines.

Kopřivnice is ideal thanks to its position. It is located in the foothills of the Beskids, where are made the first test rides of our prototypes. The wild Beskydy landscape, whose highest peak is the 1,324-metre Lysa hora, is criss-crossed by hundreds of kilometres of challenging trails that always test the reliability and durability of new products.


Rafkarna company manufacture and construct exclusive customised bicycles, where the client can assemble his own bike with the original design according to his wishes. Rafkarna company was founded in 2015 and within two years the company has developed itself into a European enterprise. At present the company exports to countries such as Slovakia, Germany and Spain.

IDEA pro bike parts: Editions of the carbon components In 2016, Rafkarna created its own brand IDEA pro bike parts, which produces carbon rims, hubs and frames. This brand is uncompromising in the quality of its products. A highly resistant carbon composite is used during the manufacturing process which ensures excellent characteristics of IDEA components. The material is characterized by high strength and heat resistance, which meets the demanding requirements of our clients. In collaboration with top Czech developers, such as Marek Votroubek, our products are still being developed.

Our Bike to Rent

Sport road bike, comfortable with normal brakes di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compass cranks, dtswiis wheels.


Spoert road bike with di2 electronic shifting ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, Sport geometry.


Comfort Sport women bike with di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, sport geometry.


Exclusive designes for man and woman with a race geometry, di2 ultegra, dtswiss wheels or carbon idea wheels, very fast, 11 speed, bike under 7 kg.


Bike Tours

Our main activity is preparing and organizing cycling tours. We organize everything from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave Mallorca. Whether you are group of 30 riders, group of 10 friends or just a couple who want to cycle gently around the island. Our team is composed of well experienced cycling guides and mechanics so you will be well taken care of on your trip.