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Rent a Bike Deia

Our Bike to Rent

Sport road bike, comfortable with normal brakes di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compass cranks, dtswiis wheels.


Spoert road bike with di2 electronic shifting ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, Sport geometry.


Exclusive designes for man and woman with a race geometry, di2 ultegra, dtswiss wheels or carbon idea wheels, very fast, 11 speed, bike under 7 kg.


Comfort Sport women bike with di2 ultegra, 11 speed and compact cranks, sport geometry.


Bike Tours

Our main activity is preparing and organizing cycling tours. We organize everything from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave Mallorca. Whether you are group of 30 riders, group of 10 friends or just a couple who want to cycle gently around the island. Our team is composed of well experienced cycling guides and mechanics so you will be well taken care of on your trip.